Job Seeker

How do we get you the right job?

We have an intimate knowledge of the industry and the marketplace.  Consider us your personal career advisor.  We will guide you through the  interview process, review your resume and help you create a roadmap for  personal career success. Once we tap into your skill set and understand  your personal goals, we will help you leverage them with your  prospective employer. Whether you are seeking a career or temporary  placement, be sure to register yourself through “submit cv” button and attached your resume or alternatively send us your resume to to get started.

We are invested in you throughout the entire hiring process and beyond.  Even after you’ve landed an interview we’ll continue to help you with  your career — whether it’s helping you prepare for your meeting with a  potential employer or negotiating a salary and benefits package that  meets your requirements.

We give you choices. We meet with you one-on-one to  determine exactly what type of position you’re interested in. And if we  don’t have the job you’re looking for, we’ll refer your application to  another staffing division.

We are connected to the local business community. We  maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, even when they don’t  have openings.  This way we often have knowledge of potential openings  before they are posted to the public. Many of the positions we place  have not been listed with any outside sources.

We help you with your job search. HR Solutions  focuses on your whole career, not just where you’ll be working tomorrow.  We provide career advancement tutorials in all of our offices to build  your skills, and our staff will provide you with pointers on creating a  resume or answering questions in a job interview.