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With 80% of the UAE’s population being foreign born, the country is often considered an expat’s paradise. Indeed, you’ll find that many aspects of living in the UAE combine to make settling in quite easy. With a combination of the middle-eastern weather, tax-free income and located within close proximity to top Asian tourist destinations, the UAE is a highly sought after destination. The Dubai authorities are very pro-business and have set up many “Free Zones”, where expatriates can set up a business without the requirement of a UAE national sponsor/shareholder.


Although located in the highly conservative Middle-East, the UAE is one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf, with other cultures and beliefs generally tolerated, especially in Dubai.


Five Reasons to choose the UAE


Tax-Free Income


You don’t pay any tax on your income in the UAE and salaries can be relatively higher than your home country.


Expat Friendly


80% of the United Arab Emirates population is foreign born, so as you can imagine the expat population is quite outstanding with the majority of the expats from Europe and the United States. The UAE has become a second home to many people looking for a new adventure abroad.


Sunny Climate


The UAE is located in the dry climate region, which is known for its high temperatures. The warm, sunny climate of the UAE will be a welcome change if you are looking for an alternative to the rain, wind and the cold.


The Chance to Travel


The United Arab Emirates is a travel hub and it is easy to get to amazing places within 4 hours or less that would maybe be long haul from your country of origin.


Standard of Living


The United Arab Emirates have come a long way since its founding in 1966. The economy, mainly backed by the oil industry, has already established itself as a major business hub in the Middle East as well as in Asia. The people of the UAE generally enjoy a high standard of living, including exceptional healthcare services, low taxes and an international environment.


Facts and Figures


Population 9.2 million, 16.5 % Nationals
Area 83,600 km2
Capital City Abu Dhabi
Currency UAE Dirham
7 States Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al- Qaiwain, Ra’s al- Khaimah and Fujairah
GDP $262,162.0m
GDP Growth 4%
Weekend Friday and Saturday
Natural Resources Oil and Gas


Average Temperatures


Summer  44 – 45ºC
Winter 11ºC


Average Rental price


Dubai 5,477,271 AED
Abu Dhabi 3,182,122 AED
Sharjah 3,510,052 AED
Al Ain 4,950,000 AED


Average Annual Salary


Teaching/Education 15,200 AED
Sales/Retail 15,020 AED
Information Technology 17,576 AED
Health & Medical 25,466 AED


Country Rankings


No. of cities in the Top 100 Quality of Life Survey 2
Highest Ranked City Dubai 73rd


Abu Dhabi & Dubai            


Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates and the largest emirate in the UAE. Abu Dhabi city has become a centre for world-class sporting events such as the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, the prestigious Abu Dhab. Desert Challenge cross-country rally, and the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.




Dubai is a city that boasts world-class hotels, architecture, entertainment and sporting events. The Burj Al Arab hotel presides over the coastline of Jumeira beach and is the world’s only hotel with a seven star rating. The Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa are two of the many structures that reflect the emirate’s commercial confidence.


What the country represents


The UAE is a devout Islamic country and is strict on the followings of Islam. Alcohol and public displays of affection are forbidden. However the UAE is made up of 80% immigrants, and they are a fairly tolerant country with expats enjoying relative freedom. Dubai is seen as the most westernised region of the UAE with the majority of expats deciding to locate here, followed by Abu Dhabi. Given the tolerance it is still important to remember and respect the local customs of your host country in order to enjoy your move to the UAE to the full.


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