Foreign Workers Outsourcing Solutions


We have 20 years of experience in handling Foreign Workers for MNCs

# 1 : It’s too costly to hire a HR just to deal with the matters on foreign workers issues.

# 2 : Some reasons why Human Resources Managers / executives unable to handle foreign workers permits efficiently and need to work with foreign workers agency?

  • Not getting the latest information on foreign workers permit & policies
  • Inexperienced in handling
  • Traveling time lost to government agencies
  • Rounds of rejection on applications
  • Heavy workload on work permit application process
  • Spend lots of time at Immigration Department

# 3 : It is not an easy task to deal with foreign workers issues especially on the following:

  • Unable to speak on their foreign language
  • Overstay problem
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Foreign workers disappearance from works

# 4 : Our job responsibilities in Foreign workers and payroll management

  • Getting feedback from workers efficiently
  • Keep track on foreign workers permits record
  • No more hiring blacklist workers
  • No sourcing / manpower issue
  • We do manpower planning and projection to avoid shortage issue by estimating & planning on sudden surge of orders
  • Suggestion options and solutions on sudden Government change of policy
  • Dealing with hostel issues, utilities, wears and tears
  • Workers payroll
  • Receive updates over foreign workers news especially on Government policy & supply

Our leaflet : Foreign Workers Outsourcing Services