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The Need For Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Posted by | October 8, 2016 | Recruitment-Agency-In-Malaysia-Singapore

Recruitment is the process of finding a suitable person for a position in an organization. We’re now in a world where business execution isn’t limited to geographical locations and this brings up the relevance of outsourcing the recruitment process. Before recruitment can be deemed successful, the candidates must have successfully passed through some steps.

The hiring strategy is usually developed by the Human Resources Manager/Coordinator (HRM/C) and Hiring Manager. It’s also advisable for the recruitment partner to work closer with the hiring manager rather than the HRM. This plan usually calls for proper planning and assessment so as to hire the most qualified person for the job.

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The HR Manager
The primary role of a HR manager is getting the right people at any cost to be gainfully employed in an establishment while focusing on staff retention. The HR manager must have an in-depth knowledge of what is happening in the global business arena (the international HR business practices). Apart from organizing the recruitment plan, it’s also at the discretion of the HR manager to implement training schedules for already employed staff of the establishment as the company can only grow when the workforce grows. Asides training, another key performance index for the HRM is an evaluation of the staff turnover rate.

However, one of the enormous challenges of new companies is getting reliable and dependable managers to help run their recruitment plan successfully. The scarcity of qualified HR manager has made the speed at which companies would have loved to expand their sales to decrease. So, directly or indirectly, the caliber of HR manager tends to make an impact on the overall running/activity of the establishment.

Steps For Efficient Human Resource Program
Foremost in creating an effective HR program/a successful business practice, the issue of favoritism should be eradicated, and every person should be granted equal opportunities. In our contemporary world today, foreigners are usually given preference to the locals of the home company. For a start, benefits and bonuses should be regulated, and the differences amongst expat/locals pay should be brought to a minimal. Though worthy of note is the qualifications of the applicants which tends to play a significant role in the payment aspect.

More efforts should be placed on the training of bright young graduates and expose them to the latest technological trends. The fast-growing markets call for empowered candidates who can withstand the rigor of the competitive marketplace.

The job description should be a guide to prospective candidates in knowing more about the company and the responsibilities that accompany the position. Interview questions should also be reviewed periodically and adhere to the international standard.

The minimum requirements are essential qualifications or criteria which are enacted and announced to potential applicants. The skills required should not be significantly high, about 3-5 core competencies could be highlighted so as not to discourage qualified prospective candidates. For a managerial position, there are technical skills which could be inputted so as to employ the most qualified candidate.


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